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How to Make a Marbled Wax Seal

These gorgeous wax seals are a thing of beauty, aren't they?

The best part is that they are very easy to do.

These are the items and tools you will need...

Tools / Supplies Used:

1 - 3 Colors of Wax Sticks

2 - A Cutter (to cut the wax sticks into smaller chunks)

3 - Wax Spoon

4 - Fleur De Lis Wax Seal (or any design you fancy)


Here is a BONUS for you --- Metallic Embossing on Wax Seal!

Add that lovely metallic embossing to make it extra extra extra special.

Who doesn't like metallic embossing, right?

Tools needed to give that wax seal an extra "bling".

  1. Molotow Liquid Chrome pen

  2. Metallic Sharpie

  3. "I love you" Wax Seal


If you enjoyed this.

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See you next time!

- Mimi of The Tiny Blot

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