Multipurpose Wide Mouth Jar 15ml
This fits the Jumbo Ink Well in my listing. 

Made of hard plastic. The inside of the cap has some sort of waterproof foam that keeps the liquid inside the jar without leaking.

Great for keeping your Calligraphy inks.

Jar Capacity: approx. 15ml
Diameter: approx. 2.8cm

***Disclaimer: Not advisable to be brought to highly pressurised environment such as inside the airplane. The leak proof ability of this jar might possibly fail. When use on the go, please keep the cap tightly shut and if possible put the jars in a Ziplock bag for precaution. Better safe than sorry I'd say. 😊 So far, in my usual day to day use, no leakage has been experienced.***

Multipurpose Wide Mouth Jar 15ml

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