I am bringing to you Blick's exclusive Princeton Heritage Synthetic Sable Brushes, Set of 4.

This set includes watercolor artist Jenna Rainey's favorite brush shapes and sizes. 

  1. Round 2
  2. Round 6
  3. Round 12
  4. Angle Wash 1/2"

Everything is packaged in a reusable plastic pouch as seen in the picture.


Part of Princeton’s flagship brush line, these brushes have excellent snap, point, and shape retention, ideal for watercolors and fluid acrylics.


These excellent quality short handle brushes for the watercolor painter have the best point and spring of all Princeton synthetics.The special blend of varying diameters of synthetic sable hair issues terrific spring. It looks just like genuine sable.

Princeton Heritage Synthetic Sable Brushes, Set of 4